Specific Tests

In practice, special test requirements are often placed on the safeguarding of components.

On the one hand, specially isolated tests or a combination of several interlocked test methods can be used for this purpose.

Individual Tests, Such as:
  • Testing on Hydrogen Components and Complete Tank Systems

    • Hydrogen Resistance (Other Gases Possible)
    • Commissioning
    • Functional Tests
    • Real Gas Tests
    • And Much More
  • Safetytests

    • Fire Tests
    • Overpressure and Burst Test
    • Drop Tests
    • Pressure Cycles at Extreme Temperatures
    • And Much More
Test Methods, Such as:
  • Superposition (of Several Physical Quantities)

    • Temperature Cycles with Superimposed Pressure Cycles
    • Temperature Cycles with Vibration Tests
    • Temperature Cycles with Vibration Tests and Pressure Cycles
    • And Much More


Hydrogen Compatibility Neodym-
Magnet (NdFeB)

Test Object: Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB)
Magnetization: N45
Storage Time: 48 Hours
Hydrogen Concentration: 100%