Burst Tests

You want to check at which point and at which operating pressure the material failure of your component occurs?

We print your development component up to a pressure of 4.000 bar (hydraulic) and on request also with gas up to a pressure of 1.550 bar.

Afterwards, we will be happy to accompany you and carry out findings according to your specifications.

For Example for:
  • Hydrogen Pressure Container
    • Typ I – Steel Container without Liner
    • Typ II – Metal Liner, Glass or Carbon Fiber Reinforced
    • Typ III – Aluminum Liner, Carbon Fiber Reinforced
    • Typ IV – Polyamide or Polyethylene Liner, Carbon Fiber Sheathing
    • Typ V – Made Entirely of Carbon Fiber without Liner (Development Status)
    • Simple Pressure Container
  • Natural Gas Container
  • High Pressure Pipes
  • Valves and Fittings
  • Other Pressurized Components
  • And Much More