On a test area of more than 600 m², we carry out complex test setups of your development systems for you and put them through their paces with a wide variety of fluids.

Whether it’s measuring the characteristic curve of a valve or testing the overpressure of a vessel, we secure your development with practical tests. If you wish, we can also take over test planning on the basis of your specifications or the applicable standards and guidelines and accompany you all the way to certification.

On our gas-monitored test areas and test benches, we realize test pressures of 1.500 bar, among others with the following gases:
  • Hydrogen 
  • Natural Gass
  • Gas Mixtures
  • Noble and Inert Gases (e.g. Helium and Nitrogen)
  • And Much More
With special high-pressure units, we can achieve test pressures of 4.000 bar with fluid media, including :
  • Water
  • Water Mixture (e.g. Water-Glycol)
  • Oils (e.g. Thermal and Lubricating Oils)
  • And Much More