Dismantling & Alteration

As a rule, the components to be tested must be disassembled in advance for the test and equipped with additional measurement technology.

The removal and dismantling of HV batteries not only requires a great deal of know-how and experience, this work may also only be carried out by qualified and recognized electricians.

As part of the test preparation, we perform the following work for you:
  • Removal of The Battery (e.g. From a Vehicle)
  • Mechanical Work (e.g. Drilling and Milling on the Housing)
    • Battery Cell
    • Battery Modul
    • Battery Pack
    • Battery System
  • Opening and Closing the Battery
    • Inserting of Measurement Technology (e.g. Temperature and Pressure Sensors)
    • Inserting heating boards
  • Additional Structure
    • Venting Channels incl. Additional Measurement Technology
    • Bursting discs
  • Setup of Suitable TP-Boxes for Cell and Module Experiments
  • And Much More