Testing the Future

At the foot of Teck Castle

The company SL TecH2 Ltd. was founded as a sole proprietorship in 2007 by Dipl. Ing. Stefan Liphardt and was able to quickly establish itself as a specialist for testing and inspection services in the field of alternative drives due to its high level of commitment and flexibility.

In the beginning, the company focused on fuel cell technology. Specialized knowledge in the areas of validation and test execution was built up around FC powertrains and high-pressure hydrogen tank systems. The company has grown steadily to over 30 employees and has continuously expanded its range of services.

Safety tests on our
Test site in Amstetten

With the expansion of the service portfolio in the field of high-voltage technology, a safety site was developed in 73340 Amstetten. The focus here is on carrying out safety-relevant tests (so-called abuse and misuse tests) for HV batteries and hydrogen systems and their components.

The special test infrastructure for this was largely developed and implemented in-house. The resulting specialized knowledge was bundled in the establishment of the Special Test Bench Construction business unit.

Data Science – BIG DATA

Constantly growing amounts of data from tests and experiments, which must always be kept clear and analyzable for developers and decision-makers, led to the founding of the Data Science department and round off the service portfolio.

Through its comprehensive services as well as its many years of experience in the field of alternative drives, SL TecH2 not only offers considerable added value for its ever-growing customer base.

True to the motto “Testing the Future”, it also makes an important contribution to the energy supply and mobility of tomorrow.